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AVN's, Erik Prince, & Mind Control 101 = More Truth

More Truth Revealed 

By Bill Brockbrader 

Feb 15, 2012

I think that it is an appropriate time to reveal additional information about my military service and the reasons for some of my actions in the recent past. I have been highly criticized for not revealing some earth shattering truth during my interview with Kerry Cassidy on February 4, 2012. I must apologize to all for that. I must say that I told the truth and that Pete Peterson

would say the same thing if he were to speak on the matter. I only say this because Kerry has not spoken with Mr Peterson since that interview back in 2009 and she is also very aware that I have. I could say much more on the subject but I know that it would be exactly what the elite would want - to have us fighting amongst ourselves and distracting from the real issues. I would only suggest that, as Kerry states, that Project Camelot is not the proper forum for first time whistleblowers and that many people, including myself, agree with her statement. It is my greatest wish to establish a forum in which whistleblowers can disclose seeming unbelievable information and not be discredited simply because they don’t possess a level of proof that nameless, faceless people in the chatrooms and forums demand. What we all need to understand is that we are led to believe that every comment, every post, every youtube video is created by someone that is honestly interested in the truth. That is not the case. The department of disinformation exists and is a very powerful force in America that knows how to exercise mass mind control to influence issues that are counterproductive to their agenda. Take the information that I am working to reveal. Fear is their greatest tool. Pull up ‘Bill Wood’ on youtube and watch the non Project Camelot videos. You will note the examples of mass mind control that I am about to identify. The first example are the videos that interlace images of my photo with images of obviously victimized women and little girls. Subconsciously, it has the effect of associating the images as one even though none of the woman and girls in the images have anything to do with me directly. It works the same with commercials in the middle of television programs and ‘product placement’ in television shows, movies, and music videos. The second example involves carefully editing the original interviews into little clips that clearly misstate what I actually said in the interview. It takes advantage of a lifetime of conditioning to not be interested in the whole long boring story that contains actual information and cause us, instead, to rely on clips that give us only ‘the important stuff’. The people that create these videos are, once again, nameless and faceless but our minds are trained not to investigate the source of the material being presented. We are conditioned only to focus on the shock value of the message as the validity of the source. I think that it is also pertinent to point out that ‘people’ in chat rooms and forums are nameless, faceless and they may have a hidden agenda of distracting and hiding the truth of the information being presented. If we blindly accept information that is easily offered and obtained from various anonymous sources, I think it will become obvious that these sources almost universally instill an element of fear in our minds aka mind control. The truth about is Kerry is this. She has helped me infinitely on my journey to reveal the truth that I possess inside. I can’t find fault in her for allowing fear to slip into her mind. We are all venerable and have all unknowingly accepted this fear into ourselves many many times in our lives. She is no more or no less human than anyone else. I will not judge her because I know that for every finger that I point, ten fingers will point back at me. I will simply suggest that everyone watch the video that I did with Lisa Harrison and see for yourselves if the environment in which an interview is conducted is critical to the information being reveal in the interview. Now onto the subject that I'm sure most will be interested in hearing about. I do have some proof of my statements about my training in the military despite the lack of physical evidence that can easily be erased. As I have stated in the past...I do have certain abilities that are difficult to explain. I have offered drown proofing training as one of those skill sets. I presented a challenge to Senior Chief Shipley of that he allow me to prove this training. Sadly, he has declined my challenge. His explanation for doing so is as vague and distracting as his explanations for the nonexistence of SEAL team 9. The fact is that he isn’t interested in my challenge is because he has the information that I was a SEAL and that he would, by accepting my challenge, give the proof of my talents and lose his trident to me in the process. It is amazing even further to me that Senior Chief Shipley, if you examine his website, is all about Navy SEAL wannabes and makes his living pretending to provide civilians with actual SEAL team training. It’s the exact form of hypocrisy that I would expect out of an individual that ‘duth protest too much’ in his ongoing quest to out fake SEAL’s. Maybe it is better explained that he has some pathological itch in his brain that knows that he does more to encourage fake SEALs than anyone. My question to Mr. Shipley is if he had tangible evidence that I was actually a SEAL, would he give that information as much credence as the ‘evidence’ he uses to discredit me? Or would he simply ignore that information? We’ll get back to that. As I stated before, I believe that there is one very credible and very important person in the world that could easily remember myself and my team members during BUD/S training. As I have stated before, we trained along side of an official BUD/S class though we weren’t officially part of that class and that everyone in the actual BUD/S class was more than encouraged to pretend that we didn’t exist and especially encouraged not to ask questions about us. I know that all SEALs have experiences with others ‘disappearing’ for training for weeks or months at a time with no explanation of what or where they were when they returned. Secrecy and compartmentalization are very much a reality that everyone accepts. I do, however, remember very clearly an officer that ignored those warnings and continuously pried for information about our group during training. His name was Erik Prince. Now at the time, this name meant nothing to me. Later in life, however, this person would become profoundly impacting on me. In 1995, Erik Prince had a tragic event happen in his life. His father died and was release from his Naval obligations. This is very odd simply because I'm sure that every member of the military would state that no one gets discharged because of a parent’s death. I can only assume that Erik was released from service because it was assumed that he would sell his fathers company for approximately 1.3 billion dollars and he would use that money to found a very familiar company to most called Blackwater. Impossible? Then maybe it’s also a coincidence that Blackwater received their first military contract shortly after the USS Cole bombing or that they have gone on to receive and continue to receive hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in no-bid military and state department contracts. Maybe its a coincidence that Erik was obsessed with employing members of the special forces that have had the special type of training that I state that I received. Maybe its a coincidence that my life has been plagued with misfortunes and that I don’t work for and never will work for Blackwater or any spinoff of that company. The following is one of many articles that are readily available on the Internet about this subject. Let’s just say that I also have something to say about the validity of the wife swapping and child prostitution accusations. Let’s also say that its not a coincidence that the tattoo of the nine on my back is a roman numeral. My tattoo is older than Blackwater’s name change to Xe. Do your own research and figure out what that name means. Erik has some very interesting ideas for the world. My tattoo was done simply to mock these ideas. It is, however, very clear that the crimes of this company and its employees are completely overlooked and under reported here in America. It is very clear that we as Americans are mostly unaware of what this company does and the terrorism that they create in other countries. I have stated that it became clear to me that my mission in the military morphed into a mission that created terror and terrorists. I have stated very clearly that the US military was responsible for creating the terrorism that created the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11. These are facts and these facts continue to be the case. We can not stop terrorism with war. War is what created the terrorism in the first place. The overwhelming majority of returning military veterans agree with this statement and a handful are screaming that message at the top of their lungs. I need to state this very clearly to all that read this article...we need to wake up! We need to start standing up and taking responsibility for the actions of our government and our military. We need to understand what Thomas Jefferson was saying when he stated in his Tree of Liberty letter “If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty...”. We are losing our freedom not because our government is taking it from us. We are losing our liberty because we are allowing it to be taken away. Jefferson goes on to say...”And what country can preserve its liberties, it its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?” Now I know that everything that I have said can and will be instantly invalidated by the same sources that have done so in the past. I can not provide paperwork or photographs or video. I admit it but I also know that there are people out there that do know the truth. There are stories out there that back up who I used to be in the military and the training that I have received. I would even suggest that there is known information out there that is being actively covered up by individuals like Don Shipley.

As the old saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s three thousand words that speak clearly in my defense.

 Now I think that these screen shots clearly demonstrate that there may be some evidence that what I have been saying is true. Beyond that...there is more evidence that this information has been available for almost a month and yet people like Mr. Shipley managed to over look this little detail before doing multiple internet interviews discounting my claims. Beyond that...Michael Jaco talks about some strangely similar higher abilities that I claim to have been trained in. Now how is it that we both managed to have the same experiences with our training and we both can give multiple examples how we’ve used the abilities in our careers. Check out his website and see the parallel paths that our lives have been on. Now let me just take a moment here to identify a true hero. Michael Jaco has taken an amazing level of crap for standing up and telling the truth despite what he had to know was going to come at him. Beyond that...this is a man that has taken his training in the art of war and death and transformed it the same way that I have. A lot of people have praised me and my courage...Michael deserves the praise. He’s the hero.

 He could have kept his mouth closed and he wouldn’t have had to endure the flak from the SEAL community but he didn’t. Now he’s given hope to the world and to the changes that I’m saying are possible. At the same time, he’s shutting down the department of disinformation’s ability to interfere with the free will of the people any further. That ‘s what a true SEAL and true hero does when they swear to serve and protect their country. Bravo Zulu Michael Jaco!!!! So let me speak now of the end game. This is what needs to be achieved to move this country forward in the direction that I’m sure everyone wants it to go in. I think that its clear now to everyone that there are the right people inside the military that would happily move to restore the Constitution and the Republic of the United States of America. What the military needs is the understanding of the majority of the people of this country that when they act, that what they are doing is NOT a military coup. Mass arrests are what is necessary to restore control of the country to the people. The dictatorship of politicians and corporations much be quickly and cleanly excised from their policy making abilities. The corporate owned government will do everything in their power to stop the military from arresting and holding these criminals and put fear into the lives of the average American to counter change. We must not let that happen. There are a lot of great leaders in this country that reside within the military, FBI, Secret Service and elsewhere. Leaders that will be more than happy to aid in the transition of government to the control of the people and restore the Constitution. We simply need to let them know that we understand and that we are awake and aware that the time to act is now. I have devised a means in which to provide them with the knowledge that we as citizens are no longer lethargic and asleep to what is happening in our country. That we know what must be done. That we are aware that we are the ones that must change are understanding to enable them to exercise the authority of their oath. We must demonstrate our desire for change. I have made a means to show that desire so easy as it can not be denied or misunderstood any further. I have asked that people to send me a heartfelt email at and exercise their free will for change in the world. I have also given a link to donate a single dollar that also is an exercise in free will - Tree of Liberty Movement Donation.

 Both demonstrate how the free will of the people has been working and how it must continue to work. I designed it to make it easy and straight forward to demonstrate the desire of the individual according to Universal Law. That’s an important first step. I promise you that myself and people like Michael Jaco will take your desire and focus it in such a way that will change the world. It is my commitment to every individual that hears this message that I, despite the transgressions that I have committed in my life, will fulfill my oath to my country and protect it...against all enemies foreign and domestic and that I bare true faith and allegiance to the same. My children and the children throughout this country and the world deserve the best future that we can give them so that is what I going to do with all the power that I have. If you doubt my word or dare question my legitimacy then you are blind to the hope that the people possess inside and that you must open your eyes to see. Hero's will continue to emerge and represent their destiny just as Michael and myself have. The teams will again find their honor that was stolen from them by men such as Erik Prince. The people will “pardon and pacify” their brothers and sisters that previously sought to enslave them. Why? Because we truly only desire peace and prosperity throughout the world. Because we can look inside ourselves and understand that the lethargy of the individual is what led to these dark times. That we need only stand up and take back what rightfully belongs to all of us as citizens of this great country. That we need only not accept anything less than the truth and change will occur. I declare publicly that the World Revolution of Light has begun and that a time of peace and prosperity will be the only inevitable outcome. The desire of the people is too great and the hope in our hearts is too strong to prevent it. We must come together and find balance in order for that to occur but it, too, is inevitable. So let us all work together. Let us all show our hope and love. Let us send out our desire for change and watch that desire transform the world. When our desire reaches a critical mass then that change will be impossible to deny. In conclusion, I would like talk about perspective. Many have their opinions about me but this is my opinion about me. So let me attempt to share what I believe is happening in the world right now. Right now...I am one person trying to do something that most look at and say “What a nut!”. I understand that. It’s hard for most to believe that this enormous amount of change that I’m suggesting that must occur...can occur. Ive spent a lot of time myself unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. That, however, has changed in my mind. I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life that reinforce that I’m completely capable of damn near anything. Now I’m trying to do something that I have been absolutely driven to do. So appears that life is handing me what I need so I’ll continue on my journey and find my destination. I’m not getting rich. I not seeking awards or praise. I don’t assume that I am a prophet or a messiah. I’m just one person trying to change the world knowing that it is always how change begins. We’re all capable of it. I’m just choosing to do it. As far as trying to stop one has succeeded in that effort to date so I wouldn’t anticipate it happening. Ive got some fantastic direct supporters and a hell of a cheerleading section so changing the world is getting to be a lot of fun. I think that everyone should try it and that’s directly my point. I know that this has been a very long message and I want to say that I appreciate all that have taken the time to read my message. Thank you for your time and attention. Most of all, thank you for giving me the ability to do what must be done for the changes that I know must take place. You are my brothers and sisters and I feel you in my heart,

Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood

Mind Control 101 

By Bill Brockbrader

I wanted to give everyone that read my last article some further updates as it seems to have had its desired effect. Shortly after I released my last article, Michael Jaco fell under attack by the Department of Disinformation in what I would describe as standard mind control fashion. Mr Steve Robinson (an obvious supporter of Don Shipley) began posting to Mike’s facebook page and basically ordering that Mike recant his previous statement about knowing me from BUD/S training. Below is the posting string. When you read it, see if you can identify the trigger word/s.
Now Im sure that its very easy for all that see that its only baseless facts and distortions that are used to coerce Mike into walking away from his original statement. What you can’t see is the level of abuse and manipulation behind the scenes outside of the public view that he is getting. Here is a screen shot of the email that I got from Mike right before I released my first article.
Three things are very clear in this email. One - how the efforts that are levied against whistleblowers that stand and tell the truth and how they can and will be shut down serve as an example to others that may want to come forward. Two - that he validates my story about how SEALs are manipulated into sex with ‘young women’ and that ‘quite a few’ SEALs fall into the sex offender category. Further evidence of that can be seen here by another whistleblower who was convected at courts martial after she accused a SEAL of raping her. Three - that he saw that his own records of his BUD/S training were missing when he went to look back at them. Now, ‘the powers that be’ may have been able to get Mike to deny his original statement but now I get a chance to respond. Mike claims to have the same training and abilities in remote viewing and remote influencing that I have. I know that when I was taught remote influencing, I was also taught how to defend against being remotely influenced. So here’s what I have to say to the dark forces that caused Mike to change his statement. If Mike and I do actually have the abilities that we both separately talked about long before we ever communicated directly and we both can prove those abilities, who’s to say that we aren’t using them now? Do you really think that you’re the ones in control right now or are we just letting you think that you’re in control? Not so much fun when psyops are used against you, is it? So if everyone that reads this wants to help out...send Mike an email giving him your support. If you want to learn about how to improve your own higher his book. It should be pretty obvious that we both had the same training and he has some very good information to share about it. Also realize that’s its very possible that a guy who claims to be an original member of SEAL team 9 and a guy who is definitely an original member of SEAL team 6 (when SEAL team 6 didnt exist) and that have the same higher abilities just may be working together to change the world now. It mean it would be REALLY bad for the dark forces if we started organizing for Occupy Area 51 or Occupy Denver Airport Tunnels or something crazy like that...huh? But Im sure none of that could happen cause Mike denied remembering me in training...right? Moving on to another subject that I don’t like. The word pedophile has been used by many people to describe me. So let take a look at the definition of the word. As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). The child must be at least five years younger than the adolescent (16 or older) to be termed pedophilia. Now, if I can prove that my sexual interest is in adult women then this terms would be slanderous. I could also then argue that this distortion is blatantly being used to enact mass mind control of other people’s opinions about me and defocus from my message. So let me see if I have an example that would assure everyone where my primary sexual interests lie. In January 2008, Holly and I went to Las Vegas for the AVN awards. 

We ended up hooking up with a couple that we met on the internet the night before the awards. There names were Kristen and Nelson. Kristen was a stripper at Sapphire.  We ended up having so much fun with them that we bailed out of the awards show early and went back to our room to have another evening of fun. It was that night that I had the best threeway of my life while Nelson held the camera. About six months later, Kristine became Krissy Lynn and later won the award at the 2011 AVN awards for the best threeway scene.

 So yes...I had the best threeway of my life with Holly and a future pornstar that won an AVN! Now this is not the kind of story that can’t be easily verified. In other words...yes I still have the pictures and many many other stories that i could tell about Kristine and Nelson. One other little fun fact...right before I was arrested in April 2011, Holly and I did a pilot show for an alternative lifestyle (swinger) reality show that also starred that navy SEAL couple that ran the swinger parties in Las Vegas that I have spoken of previously. What do you bet that video still exists and that Jim and Barbi Sinclair (yes...the pornstar couple) were also in it and can verify that fact? Barbi is also someone that can speak to the subject of my primary sexual interest in adult women. offender registrations law in Nevada are under permanent injunction against being enforced due to the fact that they violate ex post facto under the Constitution. Sex offender registration laws are how they began creating the progression of laws that led up to the Patriot Act and NDAA. See...if you justify stripping the constitutional rights of some Americas under the guise of prevent child sexual abuse, you have the judicial precedence that you need to do the same thing to all Americans. I know that its very safe to say that our government knows that sex offender registration laws have actually increased child sexual abuse in America. There are also a increasing number of crimes that are offenses that have nothing to do with children or violent sexual behavior that mandate registration. This muddies the water, so to speak, of the reasons why the registration system was created in the first place and distracts people from focusing on individuals that are most likely to commit another offense. None of this information is advertised in the news. So now I think that I can politely request that people stop trying to represent me as a pedophile. I hope that was enough reality for those that are constantly trying to slander me with baseless words and accusations. Otherwise, I have an arsenal of stories that I can share with the world if need be. (Eva did not know I was going to post this)

Eva and I are continuing efforts to establish a safe and comfortable environment in which future whistle blowers will feel able to disclose their stories and also be able to receive help and understanding for any mental issues that they feel the need to be addressed within themselves due to the mind control or conditioning that they have experienced. I know that Eva has been a critical source for me to gain these benefits and I know that she is looking forward to being able to help and find support for others as she has me. I want to take the time to once again thank everyone for the massive amount of support that I receive. I dont have time the to answer all of the emails that I get but I do enjoy reading them and knowing that there are a lot of awake and aware people out there supporting the direction of change that the world is moving towards. Please continue your invaluable support for me and others that have dedicated their lives and efforts to making real change happen in the world. 
Thank you, Bill Brockbrader aka Bill Wood

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