Thursday, 13 August 2015

We are Chelsea Manning! What would Love do?


"Hey, breaking re Chelsea Manning.
Just two days before she needs to present her defense before the disciplinary board that could remand her to indefinite solitary confinement, military correctional staff are now inexplicably denying Chelsea access to to the prison’s legal library. Chelsea's attorneys are not allowed to be present during the hearing--she has to represent herself--so the fact that she's being denied access to the library is very serious. "

Chelsea faces indefinite solitary confinement for expired toothpaste & Magazines in her cell:

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Below is an actual list of the "charges" that were sent to Chelsea (emphasis added). Even if everything the prison claims is 100% true, there's no way this would justify putting anyone in indefinite solitary confinement.

The real Piper Chapman of "Orange is the new Black" was in front of the sub committee with Senator Durban talking about the devastation that is Solitary confinement !

Unlike Piper  Bill WAS PUT IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT For 20 days no reason sighted, Bill and I  are not a stranger to this treatment. Much like Marc Emery  Bill was Punished for what I wrote as was Marc for what Jodie did when she tried to help bring light to unfair treatments.
You can educate yourself on Marc here --->   Marc Emery’s US Prison Blog #19 – Heading for Georgia
I was enraged at the treatment of Bill being denied his early release as was 12 weeks established under a case in Oregon that effected the AMENDMENTS TO THE SENTENCING GUIDELINES. In this case  Bill had met the requirements and so I wrote an email to the head of Washington FBOP itemising all the funny business and for that Bill was put in to Solitary confinement for 20 days!
Its up to us!! Here is a list if the charges Chelsea faces.
Source ---> here

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