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Democracy NOW Double TAPP

 Drone anxiety  mental health Issues

A new report on the secret U.S. drone war in Pakistan says the attacks have killed far more civilians than acknowledged, traumatized a nation and undermined international law. In "Living Under Drones," researchers conclude the drone strikes "terrorize men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities." The study concludes that most of the militants killed in the strikes have been low-level targets whose deaths have failed to make the United States any safer. Just 2 percent of drone attack victims are said to be top militant leaders. We’re joined by report authors James Cavallaro, director of the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic at Stanford University, and Sarah Knuckey, professor at New York University School of Law and former adviser to the U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial exe…

Tila T & Eva Mac it

I was honored to be a guest on Tila's show <3

Land GRAB and Toxic Soil in the USA

Obama administration vrs Obama??

Obama or Obama Administration ?? Good question

Whistle Blower act

WIRED Humans will drive the drones

Bombing Children?

Critical Ommisions with Douglas Dietrich & Bill Brockbrader / Eva Moore

DDD and Eva on Rev Radio

This was the last call in from Bill while in Jail they have threatened to remove his Phone  contact

Ethics in Counterterrorism

Letter of support For Bill

I can't seem to load the file on here so.. here is the link to the Face Book group that has the file
Bill Brockbrader
Please send a copy of the letter you send to
thank you in advance

Poor demoralized people are best...?

Tony Benn to BBC "If you wont broadcast the Gaza appeal then I will myself"

Click on the picture for address for money to be sent and see the bottom comments


Published on Oct 8, 2012 Here is Zbigniew Brzezinski once again admitting that the globalists are in fear of the global awakening that is currently happening across the world. People are waking up to the fact that the governments are all power hungry and corrupt and are not there to serve the interests of the people, but that of the global elite and the multi-billion dollar corporations. This lecture was given about a week ago in his home country of Poland.

Here are a few quotes from this globalist:

"We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans"

"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date comp…

Hellfire Missels and Pentagon report

Hell Fire Missel

In the January 7, 1991, edition of the Los Angeles Times, in an article entitled “U.S. Military Muscle,” Pentagon officials boasted that the Hellfire delivers “pinpoint” accuracy. In the twenty years since then, the U.S. Air Force has obtained funding for more than a half dozen upgraded versions of the Hellfire. In each case, U.S. officials argued that the new version was more accurate than the prior version. Thus, the Hellfire is now apparently six times more accurate than pinpoint accurate.
If the existing Hellfire version is so fantastically accurate, then what is the need for the “Romeo II” upgrade?
In the December 2006, edition of the Air Force Times, Pentagon officials boasted once again that the Hellfire delivers “pinpoint” accuracy. It is, of course, per se disingenuous to assert pinpoint accuracy because such is simply not possible. No missile can consistently hit a target the size of a pin. That would require accuracy to within an inch from an aircraft flyin…


Kay: You didn't used to kill women and children in war, you know, when the British army were pure, kind of.  You know, you didn't go out and kill.  I think at Dresden they did do some of that, but that was Walt Whitman Rostow and his crowd. And he's a very dangerous man. Because Walt Whitman Rostow is a Communist.

DRONES Executive Summary and Recommendations

Rep Kucinich
GET SUM ~!!!

Huff Post

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism recently estimated that at least 2,292 people have been killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004. The Bureau determined that of that number, over 350 are civilians. A July 2009 Brookings Institution report stated ten civilians die for every one suspected militant from U.S. drone strikes. Yet another study by the New American Foundation concluded that out of 114 drone attacks in Pakistan, at least 32% of those killed by the strikes were civilians.

Double Tap

The New America

"One of the most horrifying tactics reportedly used by the United States in the prosecution of the death-by-drone program is the so-called “double tap.” The Stanford/NYU report brought this to light and an article in the Daily Mail (U.K.) accurately summarized the practice: “A drone fires one missile — and then a second as rescuers try to drag victims from the rubble. One aid agency said they had a six-hour delay before going to the scene.” According to the story this insupportable and inhumane tactic is resulting in the death of “49 people for every one known terrorist in Pakistan.”


daily mail




November 29th, Bradley Manning testified for the first time

Thursday, November 29th, Bradley Manning testified for the first time since his arrest two and a half years ago in Baghdad. Today also marks the two-year anniversary of the first front pages around the world from Cablegate, an archive of 25
1,287 U.S. State Department diplomatic cables -- messages sent between the State Department and its embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions around the world. In collaboration with a network of more than 100 press outlets we revealed the full spectrum of techniques used by the United States to exert itself around the world. The young intelligence analyst Bradley Manning was detained as an alleged source.

Keshe Update Shame on Canada !

Prison Population Mentality

River Phoenix interview on Prison Population cultivation

Barbrwa Walter's interview RE Whistle Blowers treatment in Military

I NEED to find these people ! ABC News Story- Military Whistleblowers "fired" by Military with Fabricated Psychiatric Evaluations which is Standard Operating Procedure by the Military when dealing with a Military Whistle Blower. Step 1- Discredit the servicemember by way of a Fabricated Psychiatric Evaluation ordered by a Superior to a lower ranking psychiatrist. Step 2 is to then "fire" the servicemember by way of a medical discharge because they have been falsely labeled "Crazy" by the Military.

David Wilcok Mentions BIll in Blog but not Bill's Letter to him ???

Seen in David's Blog dated November 7 2012 David mentions Bill's information on Time lines and Looking glass.

However you will be amazed at the fact that when Bill hand wrote David  a letter asking for his help getting the word out. A letter David did not even respond to me after I sent him  it. In this letter Bill had requested we come together and post his letter. This bothers me David !!!!!

Link to David's Blog Divine Cosmos
TIMELINE 1 AND TIMELINE 2 The problem is that since 1983, any use of Looking Glass flip-flops between "Timeline 1", which seems to be a powerful metaphysical transformation of Earth, and "Timeline 2," in which everything is buried under 20 feet of mud after an apparent pole shift. The tipping-point between these two timelines was determined to be on or around December 21, 2012. This was discovered all the way back in the early 1980s, based on several sources, including Daniel. Powerful server farms of computers were needed to de-…

Bradly Manning , Right of speedy trial ?? Is that still an option ?

CNN Link to Manning update   After HOW MANY DAYS IN SENSORY DEPRAVATION can you really say he had a right to speedy trial??? 
At a pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland, lawyers for Private first classBradley Manning and the military judge hearing his court martial addressed procedural issues surrounding the possibility he would plead guilty to minor charges. One issue in play is whether a guilty plea would cause Manning to waive his right to a speedy trial on other counts. One of his concerns was that the base had no medical officer trained in psychiatry who could monitor and treat Manning, who arrived with a warning that he was a suicide risk.

See the post early for a Barbwa Walters interview on another military whistle blower being put in to a Mental Ward

Keshe & Humaity is being held back by Pedophile rings

New post on M T Keshe's Blog >>>> November 25 2012
the Keshe Foundation would like to be able to work with scientists all over the world and for all nations to benefit from this new technology, and we cannot leave the European nations behind just because of their shortsighted leaders, prompted by a few wrongdoers who have taken the rest of the Europe and the Foundation hostage with their false accusations and paper shuffling in the offices of European kings and prime ministers. 

What a shame that a few pedophiles in the smallest nation on this continent are keeping the rest of the European nations in the doldrums of 18th century science, and persuading them to ignore the potentials of this ground-breaking technology.
Well there you have it these are the very root core of what is the foundation of all things corrupt !

Monday 26 November Show on Wolf Spirit Radio
Topics include:
 -Bill's Trail Dec 3 2012
-Today November 28 2012 Chief Judge, B. Lynn Winmill, Boise, ID, will be ruling on Bill being aloud to enter in his evidence of defense 
-Naomi Wolf book "GIVE ME LIBERTY" topics Fake Democracy, Fake Patriotism 
Vern Wolf Holodynamic Book "Dance Of life" speaking on the different ways of perception 1) Particle 2) wave 3) Holodynamic 
- the mash up of different Fractal holographic issues Bill is embodying 

Whistle-Blower Bill For U.S. Workers Signed By Obama

"Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project, said, "This reform took 13 years to pass because it can make so much difference against fraud, waste and abuse. Government managers at all levels made pleas and repeatedly blocked the bill through procedural sabotage."
Devine, whose organization represents whistle-blowers, said the bill sailed through Congress once some senators who previously worked in secret to block a vote dropped their opposition."

Ladies and Gents this is all connected ! TO Bad Tom Divine can't act on behave of M T Keshe and get his criminal case covered !!!

Letter to Tom Divine @ GAP

Letter I sent him this morning ...

Good morning Tom,
I hope you are doing well.
Please find the enclosed links that all tie William Brockbrader's case to what you are working on so fervently !!
This needs a spot light and there are many men whom are under duress and having their lives DESTROYED for being real patriot personal for t
heir country.
We need your help!


When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation

Published on Oct 5, 2012 by  Joris Demmink, the current Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice has consistently been linked to the sexual assault and trafficking of young boys, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the fall of 1998, an investigation conducted into an Amsterdam brothel linked senior politicians and justice officials to the sexual abuse and trafficking of young boys. Demmink was specifically identified by one of the young boys as an individual involved in the abuses. According to a former senior official at the Ministry of Justice, this investigation was foiled through the direct intervention of and obstruction by Demmink.

BREAKING OCTOBER 5 2012 Pedophile Joris Demmink Hearing Washington

Published on Oct 5, 2012 by  ** BREAKING ** BREAKING **

Unsalted trial case hearing regarding the Dutch Secretary General
(Justice Dept.) JORIS DEMMINK.
Not a boring hearing but loaded, explosive, and informative backgrounds concerning this pedophile who holds The Netherlands hostage for numerous amounts of years.

Dutch reporter and whistleblower Micha Kat has equally been detained and pestered for exposing these horrible facts.
Now, on this October day in 2012, the lid of this mega-stinking-overflowing-sceptic tank is blown skyhigh and the world can now absorb all the dark information that has been avoided, ignored and rediculed for many years.

Latest information is there will be a second hearing.
This Joris Demmink character works closely together with queen Beatrix, a.k.a. Bilderberg Bea.
Not surprisingly in the hearing came forward, it was known but now confirmed, there is an existance of at least two videotapes from …

Child Sexual Abuse