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For 5 years I have sat quiet while Don Shipley made LIABLE SLANDER Hate crime videos about my husband calling him lies and Im tired of it.. my husband was mormon and the truth was covered under UCMJ the LAWS OF EVIDENCE ARE CONTROLLED FOR SECURITY REASONS - THE REAL MAN THAT ABUSED THE GIRL HE WAS CHARGED FOR IS STILL FREE TO THIS DAY AND HAS NEVER BEEN CHARGED

In the name of Jesus Christ may the Blood cover all involved and May God's will be done. Amen
I stand and present the following:
Primus Inter Pares & Colleagues who are of Vatican army : I write in the spirit of canon 212.3 in the Code of Canon Law, which states that “[Christ’s faithful] have the right, indeed at times, the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence, and position, to manifest to [the Church’s leaders] their views on matters which concern the good of the body of Christ. They have the right also to make their views known to others. One of the more encouraging signs to come out of United State's…

REAGANOMICS bought us time to co create

IN THE KEY OF E DAVID VRS A HORDE ....... THE FIST OF GOD IS GOOD "Well I stand up next to a mountain (Mark 11:23) Well I pick up all the pieces maybe even make maybe make a little sense Well I stand up next to a mountain and I chop it down with the edge of my hand Well I stand up next to a mountain and I struck it down with the edge of my hand"