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Bill's Letter to Humanity 2012

I’m excited to reveal to everyone that the mass media is taking an interest in reporting about me….. Finally lol!

As you see, somehow a local news station (News at 6 ) in Virginia Beach , decided that my arrest was worthy of the evening news . Of coarse the “investigative reporter” took interest in emphasizing my arrest, the crime, the Shipley law suit using sound bites that are taken grossly out of context that make it sound as if I’m supporting their arguments. At least they were kind enough to acknowledge my “growing cult of supporters.” That statement alone should reinforce to everyone that we are official making a difference in a world that can no longer be ignored. So lets discuss the parts of the story that were intentionally left out. On April 23 2011, I was also arrested for the same crime that I am under arrest for now - Failure to register as a sex offender. Funny thing is that in that case, the district attorneys office later in Nevada refused to file charges against me for “insufficient evidence.” Even more interesting is that the US Marshals Office and the federal prosecutor in my current case failed to mention that fact to the court before arresting me. 

So let’s discuss what the definition of “insufficient evidence” is when applied to my previous arrest. After the DA’s office had failed to file charges against me at my Indictment hearing nearly 3 months after my arrest in 2011, *not added yet

I was notified the next day after filing that the DA’s office was refusing to file charges as you can see, I exposed massive evidence of corruption and harassment by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department . The details of the story were revealed in my 3rd interview with Project Camelot 

The “insufficient Evidence” dismissal not only denied me my right to due process, it also made it so the judge in the case did not have to rule on my motion or even acknowledge my complaint.

A complaint of police harassment was also filed with the LVMPD internal affairs for obvious reasons. LVMPD refused to properly investigate my claims and closed the case essentially absolving them of all guilt- something that Las Vegas locals have grown more than familiar with.

It is the LVMPD via detective Brian Debecker that has continued to press forward with the same charges after my initial arrest using law enforcement agencies from multiple states and the Federal Authorities.
 At  this point I must ask this question. How many actual criminals were not being investigated while these Law enforcement agencies have been wasting man hours and resources to pressure my arrest on charges that will end as inevitably as it did before – in dismissal or acquittal.
 I will say I am excited and eager to finally be able to address  my supposed crimes and the constitutional laws  I supposedly violated in a Federal Court. I know that I will be found not guilt when my argument is finally allowed to be heard by a jury of my peers and subsequently why I have always been denied that right.
 Not only that but my case will open many new doors of appeal that will force the Supreme Court and our Government to begin our process of restoring all Constitutionally protected rights of to all the citizens of the United States of America.

The lesson that will be recorded in history will be that when we permit our selves the “Right” to strip the Constitutional rights of any citizen we unwittingly permit our government the “right to strip the constitutional rights of all citizens.”
Insert Naoimi Wolf Part 2 where she speaks on identifying a minority and taking civil rights away and legalizing torture  
Part 1 here 

Moreover, we will be forced to acknowledge that the sex offender  laws of our country fail to protect our children from the real sexual predators that are never charged or arrested due to their POSITION, POWER, or ECONOMIC INFLUENCE.
 Bill Maloney
Just Bill
David and Bill
Adam story
Sun Sea & Satan

A system that has been aloud to deteriorate in to a meme that simply generates more and more revenuer for state and federal  Coffers at the expense of a continual growing problem of child sexual abuse. Don’t we owe our children more than a inadequate relative based system? Or should we be focusing on a new proactive system that does more than focus on repeat offenses and generate revenue? The true sadness of those questions is that our government knows of much better ideas of preventing.

Child sexual abuse exists but they fail to implement them simply because they would lose the revenue generated by the old system.

So who are the real monsters in our minds? Myself – someone who has not harmed a soul in 15 years or the individuals in our government that knowingly in danger our children in a guise that generates massive revenue while leading us to believe that they are doing everything in their power to protect innocent children to the best of their ability?
Nancy Schafer
who was murdered after her interview with Alex Jones 

If we want our children to proactively protected of the monsters of the world then we all must demand in one voice, the need for change  through out our government. A government that is based on self-sacrificing public servants. Not individuals that seek office merely to profit from their positions of power.

We need to elect heroes that will stand in the face of corporate and financial tyranny to the benefit of all citizens- not just the financial elite. We need to accept to the nation that we have failed to protect each other from a system that has always worked to divide us from one another. A system that we allowed to control our thoughts and perceptions in an effort to get us to attempt to concur one another to THEIR SOLE BENEFIT!!! 

As far as Don Shipley and his stories go, he and others like him are soon to be an extinct breed. The world will soon have no use for those that profit from war and death. No more special forces. No more private militaries. The only warriors that will exist will be those that defend peace and prosperity. Don Shipley is completely dependent  financially and psychologically, on a reality that can no longer exist…on a reality that is destroying itself.
He sees the work that I am currently doing as a threat simply because I  am  pulling aside the curtain and showing everyone the realities of the world. He knows that his reality is completely dependent on lies, deception, and secrets. With out the illusions that he fights to maintain, he becomes obsolete and useless in a new society anchored in peace and humanity a reality where guns and violence can not solve problems! This is reason that Don Shipley spends massive amounts of time and energy attempting to discredit others and myself. Its why the nameless faceless people that comment and blog behind the veil of anonymity   try to discredit. They discredit in an attempt to maintain a world in which others are controlled by fear. I offer a new reality in which no one is aloud to control others by fear.

Don Shipley is afraid of me and the fact that he can’t make me afraid of him. The only thing he can do is make others afraid of me. He has a problem with his intentions, More and more people see that my intentions are manifesting positive change. No matter how much distractions exist, the people fighting to improve the world for the better of all humanity out shine the darkness. Here is what the world now knows about Don Shipley He  has no honor and is a coward. He’s a man that has spent his life trying to maintain the glory days of his military past by pretending to continue on as a Navy Seal and pass that honor on to others with his fake seal training school. Hypocrisy- complete hypocrisy he’s proven that he will do anything and say anything to maintain his illusions. He hides behind a groundless lawsuit for defamation of charter while justifying the production of a video that  IS THE definition of defamation of Seal team 6. (U-STREAM BROCK BRADER LOVE AFFAIR)

The video proves that Don Shipley has no honor and would through any fellow SEAL under the bus just as quickly as he did to Michael Jaco. Don Shipley is a coward that must hide behind a law suit and a video camera instead of excepting an honorable challenge from me. 

SO go back to your sad little world Don Shipley, in which you go out to your back yard to relive the glory days of your past.  Pretend that the world has a place for you even though, in reality, you stopped being a real Navy Seal decades ago.  Continue to pretend that the world does'nt see you for exactly what you are - a sad old man with bad hair desperate to hang on to past since he cant find the strength to transform in a world with out war and killing. A man that spends his time harassing and berating the love ones and family of those he disgraces as though it is completely normal and acceptable behavior.

A man that will sacrifice everything that he once fought for with great honor. In order to desperately maintain the illusion that he is still a Navy Seal even though we all see that the ship sailed long ago.

Pity the Don Shipley’s of the world and praise and encourage the Michael Jaco’s of the world!

Men like Jaco need our Prayers and  support as they never stopped fighting after the military, they were good enough to be hired by privet military corporations and transformed in to guns for hire. Jaco has tried to expose the truth about this Dark world but was instantly torn apart by the cowards, like Don Shipley that with to protect their profits despite the PAIN and DEATH that it brings to OUR world!

I believe that we must all send our love and encouragement and support to Michael Jaco. I can testify that he has the knowlage and courage to expose companies like Black water, XE, and the academy for all the destruction they bring to humanity!

Though he may be deeply ashamed for his participation in these types of companies, he knows that his testimony would bring a quick end to the destruction they bring to this world. So let us denounce and send compassion and put aside the Don Shipleys of the world. Let us lift up and empower the Michael Jaco’s of the world. Most importantly , let us pray that the true heroes of this  planet remember their oaths and commitment to their Country. Let us PRAY NOW that they may Now turn away from their Dark industry and remember who they are. Most of all let us concrete a reality in which the Machael Jaco’s of the world find the strength to be the heroes they were always meant to be, and have yet to find it with in their souls!

Hope is a solution! Love of all humanity is the weapon that fights those that seek to inslave us with fear.. Our greatest Fear is not that we are inadequate it is that we are more powerful beyond our measure. We continue to learn we are the change we seek. We are the solutions that we seek to achieve the golden age of peace. A new reality that seems beyond beliefs only because we have been lied to about the power we posses. To continuously create the reality we choose.

Watch what I do with my life in the present I show everyone that chooses to see how powerful one can become when  LOVE transforms Fear.  When you put away fear, you become invaluable to those that control with fear. With out fear controlling your mind, you begin to quickly understand how all powerful you are! I am very much looking forward to demonstrating that power to the world moreover, I look forward to showing other how to find that power inside them selves. In closing, Iw ant everyone to understand that the ever increasing wave of negative energy is an ILLUSION! An illusion that attempts to hide the positive potential that simultaneously exists with the negative. When the illusion is understood clearly… the positive will balance out the negative in a state of harmony then becomes reality. A problem exist only to show that the solutions must also exist. It is that solution that I will continue to seek until the solution manifests itself in to reality!

This is what Thomas Jefferson was discussing when he said “ The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants for that it is natural manure.” We must “Pardon and Pacify” one another including the Don Shipleys of the world to achieve the goals that our fore fathers envisioned! It is my greatest wish that somewhere in the midst of my current sacrifice of my personal freedom, that the citizens of our nation and the citizens of our world will one day stand together in a Unified goal of peace and prosperity for every Human born to this planet.

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