Monday, 26 June 2017


"The Custodian reportedly contacted the Patriarch regarding an ancient Islamic manuscript – saved from Roman Catholic crusaders by the Russian Orthodox Church – entitled "Gabriel’s Instructions To Muhammad".

The document – for which no other evidence exists – apparently tells how the Archangel entrusts the ark to Muhammed and told him to bury it at the “place of worship the angels used before the creation of man” until it would be uncovered in the days of "Yawm al-Qīyāmah" – which means "the Day of the Resurrection”.

Ms Faal claims to have seen a Russian military report detailing all of this.

On hearing the news, Russian president Vladimir Putin reportedly dispatched the naval research vessel Admiral Vladimisky to collect the ark from the Saudi port city of Jeddah – the gateway to Mecca – and take it to the Antarctic.

Two Russian battle satellites were launched to protect the Admiral Vladimisky and its precious cargo and a fleet of Russian warships, a salvage tug and oil tanker – carrying out manoeuvres in the Indian Ocean – have been ordered to rendezvous with it."

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