Friday, 2 October 2015

Syria #TGIF

‪#‎TGIF‬ With the roll out of SYRIA propaganda I want to say that there are many people who are "FB Friends" some that I have known all of my life some that are new. Many of you have watched me over the last 3 years and wondered what - and why I was doing what ever it was that I was doing. It has been a very interesting time and I can say this that I have had to make some pretty difficult choices and had to take some pretty uncomfortable actions in order to do what was important and that was to help a very amazing man (my Husband) who has over come a great deal in the name of humanity like many other Americans. Many people around the world are dealing with different levels of MK Ultra Mind control. As you read this my husband has been missing for 8 months. I have no PROOF  if he is over seas, shacked up with another woman, dead, alive or part of some under ground base, off planet mission or for all I know on MARS, being tried in a FISA court or kept in a black prison. However Im not writing this to complain or talk about the heart break I am facing and this is the truth. I am writing because I left to help a man 3 years ago and be my brothers keeper and that is what I have done and that is what is important is what I know & SHARE with all of you who are not dead inside and still are human. These issues are not easy to face, and you may not understand what it is that I am talking about. These programs always start with sexual abuse at an young age and this creates the reason for the subconscious to HAVE to reach far out side of this physical dimension in order to find and maintain a level of protection and safety in a world where nothing worked as it should have to keep a young one safe from sexual abuse. This creates a HIGHLY PHYSIC person and the Military's wet dream of a blank slate to co opt and high jack for their own purposes ..... They track the child Pornography groups not to stop them but to find and recruit. In my own journey I can say that most every one has been raped and yet NO ONE talks about it - can you think of a more fitting symptom equal to the term ZOMBIE ? Why you might ask is this important to you as you get up for TGIF ???? Because what is happening in the Global Financial system is tied to this as it is a form of Cannibalism at the cost of Children in underground bases, traded as sex slaves and villages being bombed in syria for the financial benefit of what it costs to sell and drop on a non viable target so defence contractors like KBR Halliburton ect whom are PROFITING off of every drone dropped and the resources that can be harvested - we know this .... and yet we go to work and pretend the financial system crashing is not happening because we are better off then then the refugees fleeing .... LET ME WARN YOU IT IS COMING YOUR WAY .... YES CANADA thanks to NAFTA and the TPP Canada is not going to be protected by an imaginary boarder drawn on a paper map...OUR RESOURCES FUND NAZI DEBT its time to turn the TVs OFF and start coming together and learning skills because the changes are coming and we can retain our humanity if we stand together! 

The USA was not OFFICIALLY at war with Iraq in 1997 when my husband REFUSED TO KILL RESCUE AID WORKERS & diverted a Tomahawk Missile (Think Baby Food Factory) HE created an international political event because the USA was not at war but he WAS there and he WAS bombing so General Dynamics (initially), Raytheon/McDonnell Douglas could cash in on every bomb sold and dropped at a Unit cost of US $1.59m

Sexual Abuse in Military = Mind Control

Zbigniew Brzezinski

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