Friday, 14 August 2015

Systems and Solutions; from Bill Sept 2014

Maybe you are beginning to understand the cruelty that makes up the system that enslaves us all.

The system doesn't exist because of a few extraordinarily cruel and inhuman individuals, its a system that exists because of the greed and selfishness that compounds inside of each and every individual that exists in the system. We, individually, are both and simultaneously the prisoners of the systems and the protectors/guards of the system. The system that enslaves us all is the collective fault of each and every individual, wither it be consciously and unconsciously, that participates in the system. So how do you get the people that have become dependent on the system to accept responsibility on a personal level that they, each and every one, are completely responsible for the world that exists today. Furthermore, if they truly wanted change to occur, that it would have already happened.

What people cant/wont accept is that they are no freer/have no more freedom than myself...someone that is imprisoned. I could even argue that I have more freedom than most because I am in prison. I've mentally and emotionally detached myself from the system. Even the system that exists inside this facility that works to reintegrate those that are in prison back into the slave mentality. Unless people are complete willing to recreate every system that is currently in place for their benefit and privileged/convenience then they will never truly be free. They will continuously substitute one slave master for another and another. That has been the history of the human race thus far. Soon we will be given the opportunity to break the cycle of the slave/master system for a new system of consciousnesses that accepts not only the illusionary creation of this current existence but the path the creating a new existence. One that is wholly and completely different from the one that we are all dependent on. To do that, we need to accept that we currently exist in a dream world. One that only exists because we continuously create it. Wither we intend to or not. The change will not come over night and it will not be easy. It is the change that I'm committed to and is why I make the choices with my life that I do.

I have no fear about the changes to the world that are coming. However uncomfortable (some may say "disastrous") these changes are. They are very necessary to the process of change that will always and continuously attempt at regular intervals to "wake us up". It is what it is. It is a system of growth of knowing that exists always and forever throughout the universe and how the universe evolves all of its creations. Wither we are creations of the creator or creations of the creations of the creator or several repetitions of that thought process, we are because of that creators and therefore have all of the same freedoms and responsibilities that are given to all creations. Universal law. We have all of the control that we need to change the world right now. That fact that it isn't changing is simply an indication that there are more out there willing to keep change from happening than there are willing to change. But change is not that simple. When individuals act to keep others from changing, there exists in universal law a protection for those that are held back by others. The protection is called karma...or more correctly, the law that there is a consequence for every action. Good or bad. It is because of karma that change is happening. It is simply happening in alignment with karma. Once you understand karma, you understand that karma is liken to the current of a river. The river is "life". The end of river is evolution. Of course, the goal of being on the river is to get to the end and if you do what is only necessary to keep yourself going down the river, the current will take you all the way to your destination eventually. We are light years of understand from our destination right now. However, the current of the river speeds up exponentially the closer to the end that you get. For that reason, it is very hard to comprehend how close we are to that next step in the evolutionary process. The simple fact that I can surmise where the end will lead tends to explain that we cant be too far from the destination.

What can be done right now? That is a question that is too complicated to properly have a simple answer. What needs to be done to start the process of that happening is the understanding that we must first offer complete freedom of choice to everyone...even to those that would seek to enslave...even to those that would corrupt and defame humanity for its own purposes...even to those that seem to complete lack any shred of humanity what so ever. The reason that this must first be done is to know that every individual a piece of consciousness and therefore, a piece of ourselves. By denying anyone their freedom to choose, we inherently are denying our own freedom to choose. We must also be completely forgiving of everyone thereby completely forgiving of ourselves.

If you want to start something that will do something real to create change, start a movement to grant complete amnesty to all cabal members without restriction or obligation on their part. It may sound simple but its not but I will guarantee that within the thinking of it lies the answers to humanity's most immediate problems.

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