Friday, 14 August 2015

Bill's Free Energy

Bill Understands the real issues. That is the Petero Dollar and the effects of the Oil markets pushing the American Dollar.

Bill has a background in Electrical Engineering and Laser Engineering and worked with "Devices" that will be the solution to the Earths resource issues.
Bill built a Hydroxy Generator and put an information youtube together in 2010
The US Navy came out just a few days ago saying its new ... YAAAAA
"The US Naval Research Laboratory’s Materials Science and Technology Division have already demonstrated that a new, state-of-the-art conversion method can turn ordinary seawater into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel potent enough to power a small model aircraft. Soon, though, they say the same process will provide the Navy with a way of refueling any of its hundreds of ships at sea without relying on the comparably meager fleet of 15 military oil tankers currently tasked with delivering nearly 600 million gallons of fuel to those vessels on an annual basis."

Bill's Hydroxy Generator he built in 2010 that he took to Harry Reid's office below

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