Sunday, 16 August 2015

If Not YOU, WHO? If not NOW, WHEN?

If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

Dear Canada and the rest of the world,Im writing to you today in the hopes to pull one out of the fire. 

I want to encourage you to sign up to help Privet Manning who is facing Solitary Confinement and needs your signature PLEASE SIGN ---> Here

 Nazanin Afshin-Jam is a wonderful Canadian and does a wonderful job talking about what it means to be Canadian, and the NEED for us to form a new union one replacing the UN with a United People of the world. She is a role Model. I do feel there is MUCH disinformation re starting war or intervention in Iran and I do not support that.
But much like a Gordie Howe or the Great One shoot out on a net - in overtime - we have a chance to really come together as humans on this earth and lead the way with our hearts. We have so much to be grateful for here in Canada and because if THAT we need stand while we can. 

I want to help educate you on what really happened when Privet Manning decided to Disobey UN-Lawful orders under article 134, in the UCMJ.The Geneva convention makes it illegal for any soldier to follow an order to kill an innocent! 

Privet Manning decided to share as a WITNESS to Murder the deaths of Innocent Reuters Journalists at the hands of USA helo Pilots. Would you want American Chopper Pilots shooting on a loved one? On a CHILD? On an Innocent? This is not a video game!

"Over time in closing societies, real news is supplanted by fake news and false documents. Pinochet showed Chilean citizens falsified documents to back up his claim that terrorists had been about to attack the nation. The yellowcake charge, too, was based on forged papers." Naomi Wolf


This video above shows the killing of innocent people but also Children and the Rescue Aid Workers much like what Bill came forward to talk about when he Disobeyed Unlawful Orders. 

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