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Setting the Record Straight:

Setting the Record Straight:
By Bill Brockbrader:

"Hate" – The coward’s expression of fear and the oppressor’s means of control.

Much has been revealed about my testimony in court as well as revelations about my courts martial proceedings in 1998.  I’d like to explain the details of the information that stem from my original 1998 courts martial.  It needs to be said that in a courts martial, AKA a military tribunal, your guilt is presumed.  You need only be accused of a violation of the UCMJ [Uniformed Code of Military Justice] to be found guilty.  In the deal I was offered in 1998, I was required to plead guilty to what I stood accused of, not what I was guilty of.  

So let me be very clear about my statements.  The threat of being prosecuted for perjury or violations of the state’s secrets act compelled me to say what I did. I do not possess the evidence to testify to statements that I made during the Kerry Cassidy interview.  I will say this – between what I said in my interviews and what I testified to in court, I made false statements. I will allow each individual to determine for themselves which is which.

I will point out this fact as well… In June 2011, I documented a tactic used by the US Military of bombing recently attacked areas to specifically target rescue workers and civilians.  I also spoke of this tactic in my interview in January 2012.  In August 2012, major news sources began reporting about the use of drones “double striking” targets in Pakistan. How did I know about double strikes more than a year before they were reported in the main stream media?  Why have so many spent so much time, effort, and energy to discredit and obscure my statements if they are simply untrue?  Why has the government made these issues a part of a trial in which they have absolutely no relevance to the crime I am charged?  

I will let each individual’s discernment answer those questions.  I cannot justify going any further to convince people of the truth if they do not wish to believe in it.  However, the popular belief that the earth was flat did not make it flat.  I think we should be working to examine our beliefs more now than ever so we may examine that which needs to be changed to popular fact from fiction.
One of the most unfortunate betrayals was by the attorneys that the government appointed to represent me.  Failing to properly cross examine witnesses, refusal to call any witnesses in my defense was bad enough. The WORST part was her closing argument in which the most impacting statement she could come up with was to the jury “think of what I haven’t thought of and use that to find my client not guilty” ???? THAT was the most compelling argument she could muster in the middle of her shuddering and massive pausing??? That could only be described as a nightmarish version of the movie “My cousin Vinny”.

Pr-sentencing release hearing shortly after the trial, my attorney walked me into a situation where I was forced to testify about many things in which I could only say were not the truth.  I was assured by my attorney that I  should keep my answers short and direct when cross examined by the prosecutor and that she would allow me to clarify my answers when she spoke to me  during redirect.  She failed to offer me that opportunity.  I was devastated and removed her as my attorney immediately afterwards. It is my greatest regret that I failed to find the courage to trust that I was the only person that was going to appear on my behalf.   I trusted my belief in the country and constitution that I fought for and I learned a valuable lesson about the truth of our government and its judicial system. 

As most of you know, I was recently sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.  It is at this time I’m reminded of the great men and women in history that gave up personal freedom so that they may live free.  Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks are the names we know  I would like to also honor those people that were just as noble in their efforts that popular history does not acknowledge.  I would encourage everyone to understand that I was imprisoned not because I violated anyone’s life, liberty, rights or property.  I was imprisoned because I chose to resist tyranny and live free.

For far too long the human race has exchanged the rights and obligations of true freedom for the privileges and benefits granted to us by those that control our government. It is time that we woke up and began to understand that we are slaves.  Slaves to a system of control that rewards those that seek dominion over their fellow man. Slaves that seek to profit from the pain of others. Most importantly, slaves that would justify the oppression of their fellow man in their misguided belief that they are somehow superior.  Slaves that would willingly sacrifice their own freedom for the perception of increased safety and security.

I, therefore, chose instead true freedom even though I knew that I would be imprisoned.  I know that imprisonment is the tyrants means to control our minds and also know that true fear of imprisonment and loss of privileges’ and benefits cause us to give up our true freedom.  True freedom meaning the freedom to choose as long as it doesn’t impinge on the life, liberty, rights or property of another. 

Why We Need A Plan:

Why do we get a driver’s license? Is driving a privilege or a right? The government says it’s a privilege but how can using your own property be a privilege?   Should one have to demonstrate that they can use their property safely?  Absolutely, once you demonstrate ability however there should be no further need for government. Why must we register our property with the government? Simply put – It’s so we can be taxed on our property but what if we don’t pay taxes on our car? Our property is impounded and we are charged to get it back. This demonstrates that we don’t truly own our property, that we only have use of property that we have signed over to the government.

That leads to the question – do we have the right to use our lives and our body as we see fit or are we property of our government as well?  The answer is simple to demonstrate.  Don’t pay your taxes on your car, house or income and you’ll see who owns it.

Now I’m going to shift to another level of the enslavement of the human race.  I’ve proven that we must pay to use our property, bodies, and lives as we see fit but what must we pay? Money of course but what is money? How do we get money? That is a topic that requires a complete understanding of not only how money is created but the history of money itself. I don’t want to get too deep into this but the documentary “Money Masters” by William Frist is on YouTube if you want to better understanding.

Currently, money is created by banks.  The primary bank of the United States is the Federal Reserve. One needs to understand that the Fed is a private company owned by private investors – not the US government or its citizens. In 1933, the Fed foreclosed on the debt of the United States when it no longer could pay in gold as required by the Fed.

It was at this point that the Fed not only allowed the government to borrow unlimited money, but also let it pay the interest in Federal Reserve Notes instead of gold.  The Fed in return got the property of the government. So it is here that we explain how we lost our freedom. The most valuable commodity in the world is an individual’s human potential, one’s ability to use their time, effort and energy for purpose. The Fed monetizes a lifetime of time, effort and energy of  a human being and use that as an asset to collateralize loans to the government.

[see http://realityinsight.weebly.com/1/post/2013/04/birth-certificates-and-bank-notes.html]

We than must work to get this money to make a living / survive. So if we (our lives) are the asset that is used to back money, why do we have to work to earn money? The answer to that question is the big secret to our own salvation. We are economic slaves. We give our time, energy, and effort to earn money, but money only exists because we exist. If money is created by our very existence, why do we have to work for it? The answer is simply put, but more difficult to comprehend.  

Without being given informed knowledge, we let it happen. We consent to our own enslavement for the privileges and benefits of “Freedom”.  However, there is no freedom from benefits and privileges. True freedom exists only in the context of rights and obligations. This is the essence of the misunderstanding / illusion of our society. We are slaves because we give up our rights and turn away from our obligations of true freedom.   

Now here’s the cool part – I am a free man because I am in prison.  Let me say that again.  I am free and in prison because I fulfilled my obligations to maintain my rights to freedom. Confused? Let me explain. We’ll go back to the example of a car.

When you purchase a car, it is your property and you should be able to use it as long as you don’t infringe on another’s life liberty, rights or property. You are about to get into the car and drive away when a guy comes up and tells you that you can’t drive because you don’t have his license to drive. Why do you need his license? Cause it’s the law. Who made the law? Well, he did of course. How do you get his license? You have to work for him one week each year and he’ll license you to use your property.  If you don’t work for him, he takes your car.  Now no one in their right mind would agree to this! But change the man to the government and you’ll find this is exactly what we do.

Now I know what everyone is thinking – the government will take our car and put us in jail. It’s cheaper and less hassle to just go with the system.  Well… kind of.  See… once you demonstrate that you ‘ll pay for privilege that is actually a right, what’s to stop that guy from coming back to force you to pay for another privilege.  Well,… we already know that our government has and will continue to force us to pay for more and more for what they deem a privilege.

What can we do about it?
The Plan

It goes back to the definition of true freedom.  Rights and obligations to maintain our rights, we must fulfill our obligations. Freedom isn’t free. We must give of our time, effort and energy to maintain our freedom.  We must face our fears of imprisonment and exercise moral courage in order to be truly free

It is then for us decide to exercise our right and obligation to non-violent civil disobedience.  We have available to us a time like no other in the history of humanity. We have available to us the ability to shift consciousness. We have only to act in a single determined effort beyond just telling everyone what to do.  I have demonstrated how.

The judicial system is currently a paper tiger that is completely dependent on continuously increasing revenue generation. It must create more laws and harsher penalties to pay for more law enforcement to generate more revenue in a continuous cycle. The 
Achilles' heel of the system is its efficiency. Currently, the judicial system works because fear of harsh punishment makes prosecuting efficient and highly profitable. It would take very few people with the proper education, working in a coordinated effort and purposely violation the same “law” to change the system virtually overnight.

Bill’s Plan: If you find yourself in a judicial situation, make it expensive to try you. We will be providing further links as to where you can find information Bill cites. Check back here for links and please use the comments to point us toward further information. Bill is saying the defendant and hopefully their lawyers would:

They’ve studied and know exactly what to say and how to act. They ask questions. They use the double meaning words. They assert themselves as sovereign. They know their true names and they all have their birth certificates brought to them. Most importantly… they DO NOT enter a plea. Now the court has big problems.
* One – they are not prepared to have arraignments last more than five minutes.
* Two- others in the courtroom are learning from them and will mimic their style.
*Three – some unknown individual secretly records the proceedings and puts it on YouTube. Next week, groups are doing the same thing all over the country.

Seemly, overnight, we are back under control of our fear of arrest knowing that we control the process. Traffic tickets go away because everyone knows not to contract into a fine. Quickly, this spreads to governmental licensing, fees and taxes. Elected representatives represent the people and the government fears the people, not the other way around.

We are so close to taking back what we lost 80 years ago when the 14th amendment turned us all into economic slaves. We can throw off our bonds (funny that’s a double meaning word too)  and begin to truly live free for the first time in our lives. The first step in this process is education and organization. Small groups that are willing to face their fears and demonstrate change.

So now I ask of everyone that reads this article to set aside your concerns for the privileges and benefits of slavery and rally in to exercise the rights and obligations of free men and women.

Senator Robert Kennedy said it best…

“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

In conclusion, I must reiterate that I believe completely in the change in the world necessary to free humanity from its self-imposed imprisonment. We must stand as one united that we will no longer spend our lives working for monetary gain that was manufactured from our very existence. We must being to sacrifice the comforts of privileges and benefits offered by the subjugators and begin to exercise our rights and obligations of a truly free existence.


Our forefathers understood this obligation and sacrificed greatly to provide us this opportunity to once again find our own freedom. There are great men and women out there right now that have contemplated moving forward with action. I would implore these individuals that now is the time for action. I have given all that I have to give. It is time for those that history will remember to take up the cause for freedom. It is them for the exercise of obligations of freedom.

Thank you all once again for kindness and what you have all shown Eva and I.


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