Sunday, 2 August 2015

Identification Friend or Foe?

Is it a Bird ? Is it a Plane? WHO COULD IT BE ? -->Believe it or not It's nerdy Uber Eva
* art  via Labrenz  

I'm a cheese ball I know ! It has been awhile since I have taken to blogging. For many reasons ... mostly because of the old Skool Shock and Awe TRAUMA I faced in the last 6 months!!!

Oh no it's not what you think I was in a car accident that rolled two times on  February 7, 2015. I was crying and may have had an out of body type moment and suffered some mild results. Mild not because it was not a serious crash but because I feel I have angels/guides looking over me <3 Props !!! _/\_ 
When one goes through Trauma or has PTSD our INTRINSIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM gets all screwed up ! Or our IFF CODES get scrambled and it takes time to up grade our intrinsic guidance system!

So... where to start in the unveiling of this adventure ...hmmm ...How about taking it back to the old Skool ? My Temple ....There is a reason why I tie IFF codes and my physical body together I have a fire wall - I CAN'T help it it just goes off in the presence of people that may not have the best interests for me ... it is this I am going to speak of ... some call them PTSD triggers ISP ect for empowerment and process efficiency I am going to attempt to address here today.

After completing my first Fitness competition on June 16, 2001 (the day after the release of the first Lara Croft Tomb Raider Movie) and lucky for me after Kelly Ryan stole my idea for Charlies Angels as a theme while sitting next to her at the Edmonton Muscle Beach show (Thanks Kal) I was forced last min to find something else and thus Lara Croft was chosen.

 * Photo  by David Ford 

Little did I know how prophetic my choice of role play would become! Key search words are ; tomb | illuminati | planetary alignment | time | HA! 

Fast forward 3 months later my Croft hutspa was going to come in handy. The day the Twin Towers where hit was the day I knew my life would never be the same. Like most of us on the planet at the time I was also aware that it was unclear for how much longer life as I knew would stay the same. Much like the generation before me when JFK was shot the impact had ripples as per the implied effect of Mass SHOCK AND AWE ! For more information see Naomi Klein  Shock Doctrine  &  Disaster Capitalism.

The purpose of shock and awe is to shut down the function of the frontal lobes of a persons brain where they could then access problem solving, intuition and creativity is accessed.
 SEE-->  Cathy O'brien  

To me this is equal to trying to teach a toddler to walk by sneaking up on it and screaming at it like a Drill Sargent ??? Hello??  Not very effective the child might out of complete fear and trauma move a few inches but its not enough to qualify it as a successful transference of kinetics knowledge ??
Is it? 

Trauma base Mind Control allows for direct access to the subconscious brain and open up a population ON MASS to programming that under normal situations a population would not accept.             ENTER IN the The Reichstag Fire Decree 

I mean the Patriot Act! This was the same primmer that was used pre WW2 in Germany and taught at the School of the America's  SEE here for a brisk Ten Steps outline and here for more in depth details  Ten steps  by Naomi Wolf. 

Knowing these 10 steps is vital to understand not only what is going on currently but also and MORE IMPORTANTLY to reverse and over come the trauma based mind control and manipulation that those who are supposed to be our "Leaders" have used as their template on how to educate their herds. 

As above so below, Micro Macro, Intrinsic vrs extrinsic ... So how do we shift this earth to one that is in alignment with our values? We MUST do the inner work ! If not everyone becomes our FOE and a never ending of "out there" is needing to be controlled. It becomes ground hog day or the definition of insanity ..

Trust me I can relate. There is something about being worked way past mental physical spiritual exhaustion that will bring out the best and worst in someone in order to continue moving forward one must do the Inner work to stay effective.

So how do we do this ? Well my father always said there comes a time to change a losing game so I will encourage everyone to step out of their reg 10% box and in to their bodies in order to over come and heal from trauma as the body has muscle memory and ancient technology in it to act much like a shield or fire wall to keep us safe. It also has lock boxes and compartments of muscles that store away trauma for safe keeping until a time the body and psyche can cope with facing the reality of what has happened. 

Before there was the word there was the BREATH .... RIGHT??? Using breath work and connecting with our TEMPLES we can UPGRADE, de-frag, and allow for a more effective consciousnesses stream to flow through our circuitry <3 

For more information on Master Mantak Chia see here 
We are all here at this time to embody a portion of negative and like transformers we are here to de-frag old consciousnesses and potentialise it in to a higher and more effective way of BEing! 

There are points along our body that will allow for emotional PTSD release in combination with breath Combining NLP and "tapping" ON ONE SELF on meridian path way points to help over come triggers!  

Then and only then will our IFF codes, personal fire walls, and personal body Starship's be updated if we do the inner work  <3 

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